Friday, October 06, 2006

Mug Results - Oct 4/5

1.Chuggers (Turco) 1-2 2.Trappers (Cole,Doan)

16.RabidBs (Shan-2,Timo) 3-2 3.DDozen (Jagr,Carle)

15.Hackers (Luongo) 1-3 4.Brazilian (Tucker-2,Miller)

14.Cutthroats (Salo,Sakic,Modano) 3-0 5.BigJugs ( )

13.Norsemen (Naslund,Crosby) 2-3 6.Lambs (Guerin,Gabo,Gerber)

12.SBullets (Igi) 1-2 7.BecksBs (Staal,Sullivan)

11.Crushers (Allfy,Zetterb,JPDumont) 3-5 8.SmSmashers (Nagy-2,Sundin,Morris,Toskala)

10.StrippersRevil (Hossa,Satan,Bell) 3-2 9.Goons (Havlat-2)

check these scores - let me know if I missed anything

1 comment:

Chuggers said...

Again I'm off to a raging start to the season ...any one intersted in trades yet?