Thursday, November 09, 2006

Trade request - to be evaluated - 2 teams on ALERT status

The DDogs and BecksBs are on WATCH status... After their previous trade a number of MUG coaches were suspicious and let me know. I am a bit worried that the DDogs have become the BecksBs' farm club at this point.

There was a simple (but one-sided) trade request made from these two teams last night.

>> DD send Pitkanen to Becks for Ozo. Barry agrees.

Even though neither player has scored yet, Barry gets a player with high SOG (and mixes up his lineup) for Ozo (who has virtually no SOG or any PTS at all). Ordinarily I couldn't care less about such an insignificant trade but I am WATCHING these two teams now.

I have asked for their rationale for the trade to evaluate before accepting. I will likely allow it since it is of no significance but they will know that they are on alert. Thoughts anyone?



becks said...

Becks 2 dirty dozen 7

i hope all the whiners are happy.

The Goons said...

FYI - All trades are subject to a ruling by tribunal made up of the commissioner plus two randomly selected participating Coaches from both divisions. If at any time you suspect a trade is lopsided - just send me a note and I will initiate an assessment and ruling